Addiction Treatment for Military Members and Veterans in Elizabethtown, KY

Treatment for Military Members and Veterans

The disease of addiction impacts people from all walks of life. For those active in the military or who are veterans of war, their duties can be emotionally taxing, threatening their physical well-being on a regular basis. The enormity of their jobs in the service is often what triggers the desire to get drunk or high in an effort to cope with the physical, mental, and emotional toll they have endured.

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The idea of being able to bring relief to this type of deep, profound pain and trauma just through getting drunk or taking a few more pills than prescribed can be attractive to someone who is in need of reprieve. Unfortunately, this behavior is often what causes a substance use disorder to develop.

Addiction in the Military

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 11 percent of veterans meet the criteria for a substance use disorder. The national average percentage of Americans with a substance use disorder is under 10 percent, meaning that those having served in the military are at increased risk for experiencing this disease firsthand. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, 1 out of 3 veterans seeking treatment for substance use disorder also need treatment for PTSD.

There are countless reasons why active military members and veterans end up with a substance use disorder. Generally speaking, the most common causes of substance use disorder in this population are related to environmental factors associated with their profession, including:

  • Witnessing death
  • Causing death
  • Surviving an attack that other peers did not (this is known as survivor’s guilt)
  • Suffering a life-altering physical injury (e.g. losing a limb)
  • Experiencing frequent anxiety, fear, and panic (either caused by environment or underlying mental illness)

When servicemen and women return home, they often have to spend time adjusting to civilian life, which can be extremely challenging as well. Anyone of these factors can lead to the onset of anxiety and depression, along with other mental illnesses that can encourage an individual to start misusing drugs and alcohol to cope.

No matter how severe the substance use disorder, though, there exists effective treatment for those in the service and veterans. Recovery is a possibility

Addiction Treatment for Active Duty Members of the Military and Veterans

Treating addiction requires a multifaceted, comprehensive approach that is often unavailable or at local VAs. Active duty members and veterans who struggle with substance use disorders require care that is detailed to their needs so that true healing can begin.

At JourneyPure Elizabethtown, we work directly with you to gather as much information as possible so that we can establish a treatment plan for your individual needs. With this in place, and with the support of our professional yet compassionate team, the sky is the limit for your recovery.

We provide clinically sound, evidence-based treatments that have been proven to help treat addictions to all sorts of mind-altering substances. You will be given the opportunity to identify and address your most pressing concerns so that you can begin to let go of the desire to drink or do drugs while moving toward the goal of sobriety.

We can help you accomplish all of your treatment goals through individual therapy, group therapy, behavioral therapy, and many other therapies and exercises to heal the pain you are experiencing. Plus, we offer the Freedom Program, a program geared directly towards military members and veterans who are ready to get sober. And we accept TRICARE plans

JourneyPure Elizabethtown Can Help

JourneyPure Elizabethtown is an accredited facility with licensed treatment professionals who are able to care for those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Our staff understands what you have gone through as a result of your involvement in the military and are ready to help you get back on your feet for good.

By taking the chance and calling us right now, you could be saving your own life. Contact JourneyPure Elizabethtown today to get the treatment that you deserve.