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Individual Therapy

Anyone who has ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol or knows someone who has can testify that addiction is an extremely personal disease. While it is just that -- a disease -- it typically makes everyone who it touches suffer from mental, emotional, and spiritual problems that impact their lives in several different ways. For those addicted to mind-altering substances, this could not be truer.

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When caught in the throes of addiction, a person may:

  • Isolate oneself
  • Ignore friends, family, and loved ones, resulting in broken relationships
  • Experience mood swings that lead to frequent conflict with others
  • Neglect responsibilities at work, school, or at home
  • Withdraw from activities that were once enjoyed

These are just some of the ways in which a person can become swallowed up by his or her addiction, which may eventually leave them with overwhelming feelings of sadness and emptiness that need to be addressed in order to have a chance at getting sober and maintaining recovery.

What to Expect From Individual Therapy in Elizabethtown, KY

When you begin addiction treatment, one of the very first therapy sessions you will attend is an individual therapy session. In this setting, you will be paired with a therapist who can help you begin to structure your treatment in ways that will aid in you maintaining your sobriety. This doesn’t only come from developing skills, but it also comes from facing things of a personal nature that have shaped who you are and how and why your addiction came to be. Working through some of your own personal challenges allows you the space to invite in new techniques and rid yourself of issues that no longer need to have a presence in your life.

Individual therapy in Elizabethtown, KY will give you and your therapist the time and space to engage in talk therapy, as well as in specific therapies that can be conducted in individual therapy sessions, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma treatment, and motivational interviewing. Because you will be receiving such devoted focus from one of our skilled healthcare providers, you will be able to heal and grow on an emotional and spiritual level. You will attend individual therapy sessions from start to finish in the treatment program you are enrolled in, which gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your therapist that allows you to be vulnerable in ways that promote your recovery. 

Benefits of Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is not only beneficial for our patients because it connects them with a professional with whom they can develop a therapeutic bond, but also for a number of other reasons. Individual therapy:

  • Allows one-on-one treatment where the entire focus of the session is on you and your unique needs
  • Helps you develop skills and coping mechanisms that can help you manage stressful situations and keep you sober
  • Promotes stronger and improved communication skills which can help enhance relationships with others
  • Encourages the development of good self-esteem and confidence, as well as improves upon opinions regarding one’s self-worth 

Individual therapy has also proven to increase treatment outcomes, including helping patients stay in recovery longer than those who do/did not obtain individual therapy. Studies have shown that therapists who are accepting of clients without conditions, provide empathy, set goals, and take responsibility when things do not go as planned achieve deeper and more effective relationships with patients. 

Our individual therapy in Elizabethtown, KY can be included in all different types of treatment programs that we offer, including the intensive outpatient program and outpatient program. Regardless of the severity of one’s substance use disorder, individual therapy can help to encourage dramatically and welcomed changes that allow patients to focus more on their recovery goals than their desire to keep abusing drugs or alcohol. When patients put forth their best efforts, the work they complete with a therapist in our individual therapy in Elizabethtown, KY can help them turn their lives around for good.

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Attempting to live a productive life while addicted to drugs and/or alcohol can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. The longer that someone stays addicted to mind-altering substances, the more risk he or she puts him or herself at for suffering a bevy of negative consequences of their abuse. Thankfully, however, addiction is a treatable disease. 

If you are ready to get the help that you need in order to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, do not waste one more minute. Contact us right now to learn more about individual therapy in Elizabethtown, KY as well as the other services that we can provide so that you can establish your footing in sobriety. 

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