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Group Therapy

When a person obtains professional addiction treatment, he or she will have the opportunity to connect with others who have shared in similar experiences as they have. One of the ways in which they can do this is by participating in group therapy sessions.

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What is Group Addiction Therapy?

Group addiction therapy is an evidence-based treatment that is used in nearly all addiction treatment centers in the country. Our group therapy in Elizabethtown, KY is designed to bring recovering users together to work through their issues, celebrate their successes, and continue making progress in their recovery. This specific type of therapy is not just limited to talk therapy style sessions, rather they are often more focused. The types of groups that are typically provided in treatment centers include the following:

  • Psychoeducational groups – Psychoeducational groups provide patients with information and education about addiction. This includes teaching patients about the disease aspect of addiction and how it impacts the brain and one’s behaviors.
  • Skills development groups – This particular group therapy helps patients establish skills that they need to stop abusing drugs and/or alcohol, maintain sobriety and prevent relapse, and develop life skills needed to be successful post-active addiction.
  • Cognitive-behavioral group – When someone is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, his or her brain begins to change in ways that impact how they behave. The goal of cognitive-behavioral group therapy is to challenge patients to identify their negative patterns of thinking and alter them so that they can develop positive behavior patterns. 

Group addiction therapy in Elizabethtown can be significantly helpful for those who are prepared to end their substance abuse for good. By working alongside others who share similar goals, those in recovery can get the support they need to keep pushing forward. 

Benefits of Group Therapy in Elizabethtown, KY

Group therapy in Elizabethtown, KY can offer patients several different benefits, many of which can change their lives for the better. Group therapy for addiction provides patients with positive peer pressure that can help continually motivate them in their recovery. This is because members of group therapy have a commitment to one another to show up (both literally and figuratively) so that the entire group remains as effective as possible. Without the participation of group members, group addiction therapy cannot provide patients with the benefits it otherwise would if everyone was involved. 

When a group is functioning well, there are countless advantages that all patients can benefit from, including the following:

  • Patients reduce their social isolation by participating in group therapy, which also reduces feelings of loneliness and sadness that can trigger substance abuse
  • Patients can see others thriving in recovery from their substance use disorders, especially if these patients are new and still questioning if getting sober is worth the work 
  • New patients are provided with several new suggestions from other group members that can help them start to build their foundation for a successful recovery (eg. admitting one is an addict/alcoholic or learning how to identify triggers)
  • Patients begin developing coping skills that can help support them through the beginning stages of recovery and well into their lives for years to come 
  • Patients receive support, encouragement, and coaching from others that help keep them motivated in their recovery, which is critical as it is common for patients to give in to self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness, and being overwhelmed by the process of recovery

Of these several benefits, arguably one of the greatest advantages of group addiction therapy is that patients can start having hope for the future, which is likely something that they did not have prior to entering into professional addiction treatment. 

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There are many different aspects of your life that need to be healed in order for you to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and maintain long-term sobriety. Our group addiction therapy in Elizabethtown, KY can serve as one of the most effective methods of healing, as it produces multiple benefits that can allow you to rebuild your self-esteem and infuse hope into your future. 

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