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Evidence-Based Treatment

Addiction is an extremely destructive disease that can leave both those addicted and their loved ones feeling empty and hopeless. It can seem like there is nothing powerful enough to stop one’s drug and/or alcohol addiction in its tracks, as the effects of the abuse often permeate throughout all areas of one’s life. However, addiction is a treatable disease, regardless of how severe the abuse might be.

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In recovery centers across the United States, evidence-based treatments are used to help patients:

  • Identify underlying causes of addiction
  • Develop skills to prevent relapse
  • Address problematic behaviors
  • Promote comprehensive healing

Evidence-based treatments are treatments that have been scientifically proven to be effective in treating a specific condition, such as addiction. In the field of addiction recovery, there have been countless studies conducted and research reviewed in order to establish specific evidence-based treatments to recovery centers nationwide. 

When people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol obtain evidence-based treatment in Elizabethtown, KY, they can go from staring at a dismal future to a future that is promising and hopeful.

Types of Evidence-Based Treatment

Our team of mental health professionals are both skilled and experienced in providing addiction treatment to a wide range of individuals. While also compassionate and patient, these professionals work to develop relationships with their patients that allows them to feel comfortable, respected, and worthy. When providing evidence-based treatment, these providers can help guide patients through their recovery.

Each patient who receives treatment with us will receive his or her own customized treatment plan based on his or her specific needs. This plan will focus on the inclusion of numerous different therapies that have been proven to be effective in treating the disease of addiction. These therapies are known as evidence-based treatments, and the ones that we utilize most at our facility include those listed below.

Individual therapy

For many people in recovery, the most work that they accomplish is in their individual therapy sessions. Conducted by a trained therapist, patients can obtain this evidence-based treatment in Elizabethtown and start addressing the hidden causes behind the development of their addiction, determine what treatment approaches are best suited for his or her needs during sessions, and continually benefit from the one-on-one attention and focus that is provided to them through this evidence-based treatment. 

Motivational interviewing

It is tremendously common for people to struggle with getting motivated in their recovery, especially if they were sent to treatment by their families or the courts. Without motivation, it can be nearly impossible for individuals in recovery to absorb the type of care they need in order to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and develop a life of sobriety. Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based treatment that works to encourage patients to become internally motivated by overcoming their own insecurities and setbacks. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy 

Arguably the most common of all behavioral therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidence-based treatment that is frequently used to treat negative behaviors that fuel the continuation of addiction. This specific evidence-based treatment requires patients to challenge the thinking patterns and emotional responses that bring negativity in their lives so that they can modify them to maintain long-term sobriety

Group counseling

Not only is group counseling a main staple in addiction treatment centers, but it is also the crux of countless support groups. Group counseling is the evidence-based treatment we use in Elizabethtown, KY that offers patients the support from others who are also recovering from substance use disorders. Within group counseling sessions, patients can develop new skills together, listen to one another, share their own personal insights and testimonies, and grow both emotionally and mentally. Those who participate in group counseling often develop strong bonds with others in the group because of these and other benefits. 

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If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and do not reach out for help, it is likely that your future will be filled with several consequences that could cost you your life. Not only will you continue to put your physical health at risk, but your psychological wellbeing can suffer, too. It is imperative that you obtain appropriate addiction treatment so that you can not only stop further repercussions of your use from occurring but to also begin building a life that is free from the chains of addiction.

If you are ready to stop using drugs and/or alcohol, call us right now. Our evidence-based treatment in Elizabethtown, KY can help you get on the road to recovery. 

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