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Opioid Rehab

When someone is abusing opioids, he or she is no longer in control. It becomes impossible for him or her to put anything at a level of higher importance than opioid use, especially because going without opioids when addicted to them can produce seriously painful withdrawal symptoms. Thankfully, addiction is a treatable condition. With the appropriate interventions, those who are addicted to opioids can end their active abuse and begin establishing their recovery.

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Programming at Our Opioid Rehab in Elizabethtown, KY

At our opioid rehab in Elizabethtown, we understand the absolute need for effective addiction treatment. We know that opioid addiction impacts people differently, which is why it is imperative to have a number of different programming options available in order to meet the needs of those who require our help. The outpatient programs that we offer can help opioids users identify and address the issues that are causing their continual abuse so that true healing can begin. 

Suboxone treatment 

Opioids are extremely potent and powerful substances, so it is easy for a person to become dependent on them. Dependence means that the body requires the presence of opioids in order to keep from experiencing withdrawal symptoms (such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweats and chills, and abdominal cramping). At our opioid rehab, we can help patients make the transition from abusing opioids to getting sober through Suboxone treatment.

Suboxone is an opioid-based medication that, when taken as directed, can help patients break their dependence to opioids by lessening the presence of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. The continual use of this medication in opioid rehab has proven to produce favorable outcomes for patients looking to end their addictions to these substances.

Dual diagnosis treatment

A dual diagnosis refers to a condition where someone is experiencing both a substance use disorder and a mental illness at the same time. It is extremely common for people addicted to drugs like opioids to also struggle with symptoms related to a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and more. At our opioid rehab in Elizabethtown, KY, we treat those with a dual diagnosis by offering care for both issues simultaneously, rather than just addressing one issue over the other. This comprehensive approach has been proven to treat dual diagnosis most effectively.

Intensive outpatient program

Intensive outpatient programming is ideal for those individuals addicted to opioids who do not need an inpatient program but who do need a higher level of care than outpatient treatment. At our opioid rehab, the intensive outpatient program (or IOP) runs for six to eight weeks. During that time, patients will spend the majority of their days at our facility, participating in several different therapies designed to help them end their addictive behaviors. 

Outpatient program

At our opioid rehab in Elizabethtown, we understand that not everyone who abuses opioids is in need of the highest level of care. Our outpatient program is an ideal option for those with a mild opioid addiction or for those who have already participated in other forms of addiction treatment but who need more care prior to transitioning back to everyday life. The outpatient program is also an option for those who have relapsed but who require a refresher. 

Our outpatient program offers a number of different therapies to patients who will come to the facility a few days per week over a six to eight week period of time for care.


We know that even after patients complete their treatment that they still require additional support. At our opioid rehab, we provide patients with several aftercare services, including a full year of access to our 24/7 coaching app.

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