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Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine is one of the most addictive illicit substances in the entire world, and those who abuse it, even recreationally, can quickly find themselves unable to stop using. Part of the reason why cocaine is as addictive as it is because when abused, it produces high levels of energy and euphoria that cannot be obtained with much else. These appealing effects paired with the biological aspect of addiction and how drugs change the brain is why so many people find themselves addicted to drugs like cocaine.

Break Free From Cocaine Addiction Today

Thankfully, cocaine addiction is a treatable condition, and at our cocaine rehab in Elizabethtown, KY, we can offer you or a loved one individualized treatment that will help make active cocaine addiction a thing of the past.

Programs at Our Cocaine Rehab in Elizabethtown

At our cocaine rehab in Elizabethtown, KY, we promote an environment that is secure, compassionate, and empowering so that every single person who comes to us for treatment can focus on his or her needs and begin building his or her confidence in recovery. Depending on the severity of one’s cocaine addiction, he or she might be a better fit for one of our programs over the other. Upon admission, we will work with the patient to help determine the most appropriate program. 

Our cocaine rehab offers several programming options, including those discussed below. 

Dual diagnosis

Over 9 million people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol are also experiencing a mental health disorder at the same time. This is known as having a dual diagnosis, and at our cocaine rehab in Elizabethtown, KY, we can help treat individuals who are experiencing this common condition. 

From bipolar disorder and depression to anxiety disorder and personality disorders, we are prepared to help treat those addicted to cocaine who are also struggling with a mental illness. In order to do this, we actively treat both the disease of addiction and the mental illness simultaneously in order to promote the most viable treatment outcomes.

Intensive outpatient 

The intensive outpatient program is designed for individuals who are not experiencing cocaine addiction in a manner that requires inpatient treatment, but whose addiction is at a level that outpatient programming cannot fully treat. Our IOP offers a strong presence of addiction treatment but also allows patients to have several freedoms, such as continuing to live at home while getting treated. 

Patients of our intensive outpatient program will spend six to eight weeks in the program and come to the facility almost every day during the week. At that time, they will spend the better half of the day here, engaging in therapies and exercises that are able to help treat their cocaine addiction.


Outpatient treatment at our cocaine rehab in Elizabethtown, KY is an excellent option for those addicted to cocaine who do not need any constant medical or psychiatric care (including detox) but who still require therapeutic treatment. Like our IOP, our outpatient program lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks, however, instead of coming to the facility almost daily, patients of the outpatient program will attend therapy sessions and other activities a few days per week. This allows the most freedom out of all of our programming options, as patients can continue to work, go to school, or uphold family responsibilities while still getting treated for their cocaine addiction.


Just because patients complete their program does not mean that they cannot still benefit from a therapeutic presence in their lives. At our cocaine rehab in Elizabethtown, KY, we offer aftercare services to help continually support our patients. Part of these services includes our coaching app, which is available to all patients for one full year following the completion of their program. 

Get Professional Addiction Treatment at Our Cocaine Rehab in Elizabethtown, KY Right Now

Cocaine addiction possesses the potential to destroy a person’s life from top to bottom. If you are addicted to cocaine, it is imperative that you reach out for help as quickly as possible, as continuing to abuse this drug can lead to severe physical and psychological effects, as well as cause death. At our cocaine rehab, you can gain access to the evidence-based treatments and supports that can help you go from active addiction to a life of recovery.

So, do not wait any longer. Reach out to us at our cocaine rehab in Elizabethtown, KY right now to get the help that you deserve.